This Disclaimer page deals with the explanations on how you respond every page containing tutorials and information on the blog you are reading / visiting now which is Blog Tips Arena (http://blogtipsarena.blogspot.com/).

Disclaimer of Blog Tips Arena.

If you are landing to this blog or its pages from a direct link or from Google and other search engines searching information concerning blogging tutorials, then neither the direct link nor Google have done any mistakes.

You are at the right place, because this blog is meant to provide tutorials regarding blogging including how to optimize its performances on Google / other search engines or to improve its functionalities.

Therefore you will find number of tutorials here, some of them compiled with very technical tutorials involving codes (HTML, PHP, etc) to be added or removed from your blog templates / themes to achieve a function you wish.

And other tutorials are related to SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) that also touch technical area of your theme, and with tips to modify both your internal and external part of your blog. That's why you are recommended to follow it attentively.

So the following are my disclaimer points.

  • Most of the tutorials here are based on my experiences, or following other blogs. In overall I have practiced myself before sharing them on this blog. They worked for me and helped getting what I wanted. If on the other hand don't work for you. Could be there is a tiny factor that missed or not valid anymore in the time you are applying them.
  • I highly recommend if you decide to follow any advises, tips or tutorials from this blog. Then you must know that none is forcing you to do so. The decisions are yours to make it. Therefore all the risks are yours to take.
  • As for SEO tips, as we know that Google keeps updating their policies and algorithms. Updating means changing several areas that used to work in the past and now not anymore. So it's your wisdom needed to divide which ones still work and which don't.

Hopefully you do understand and accept all the points above and will see this blog at your most wise sight.

I will update this Disclaimer page in the future if I see it should be.

Thank you very much guys.