Monday, October 6, 2014

3 Related Post With Thumbnails For Blogger And Wordpress

If you want to show related post with thumbnail on your Blogspot blog, Wordpress or any other CMS. Then let me recommend you the 3 most popular and used free services that can be used to display related post with thumbnail.

These free services are not only giving you related post with thumbnail but also with very eye-catching designs and looks, your visitors's eyes won't avoid to see them and hopefully click the related posts to increase the page views of your blog.

Well here are the names of the services I am talking about, they are

  • LinkWithin.
  • Outbrain.
  • Nrelate.
They are pretty popular among blogger that prefer to use the third-party services rather than widget for Blogspot or plugins for Wordpress.

You can use one of them that you think serve you most, each of these services have their own superiority and shortcoming. And to install them is pretty easy no need to have a coding skill, simply copy and paste!

And I will give a short review to help you decide which one of these related post with thumbnail services that serve you most and deserves to be installed. But I recommend you to test them by yourself to find out which of which is displaying the most relevance posts.

3 Most Used Related Posts For Blogger And Wordpress

With related posts you can expect that your blog's page view will increase because this feature will inform your readers about other posts related to the one they are reading. So here the related post with thumbnail services you can try.

1. LinkWithin.

Related Post With Thumbnails LinkWithin
This is the first and most used related post, to use the service you don't need to make any registration just fill the data of you and your blog, then hit the Get Widget button then you will be provided with javascript code that you can copy to be pasted on your Blogspot template or Wordpress.

Visit LinkWithin.

2. Outbrain.

Related Post With Thumbnails Outbrain
On contrary to the LinkWithin, in Outbran you need to firstly register to use the service, then enter your blog's data to get the javascript code you need. The good thing about Outbrain is; you will receive reports containing stats which page that gets the most views and its CTR.

Visit Outbrain.

3. Nrelate

Related Post With Thumbnails Nrelate
You can register or not register to use this service, but if you register then you will enjoy all the feature offered by Nrelate, the feature I am talking about is stats of your pages, etc.

Visit Nrelate.
Those are three free related posts with thumbnails for Blogger and Wordpress that I think the best. Or you prefer to have the same without thumbnail? No worry you can head to create Blogspot related post.

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