Thursday, October 16, 2014

How Do I Delete My Facebook Account

How do I delete My Facebook Account. Since Facebook decided to release Open Graph API, protests and anti-Facebook sentiments are all over the net. People are campaigning Quit Facebook Day, and inviting people to quit on May,31, 2010 or they name it "The delete-your-Facebook movement", will you participate?

I will, since I have never been a Facebook fan since I registered to that Social Networking sites as for me it’s the greatest time-waster there has ever been.

And apparently people are now planning to quit from Facebook, as it can be seen if you visit Google.Com and try to type "How Do I..." on the search box then the key phrase: How Do I Delete My Facebook Account will be the second suggestion, see this.
How Do I delete My Facebook Account

So in this article I will elaborate the steps on how to delete your Facebook account easily, here is the steps.

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Now visit this link
  3. You will find a page which is asking your confirmation whether you are really sure to delete your Facebook account, if you are sure, then click “Submit” see the following image:
Delete My FB Account
Now you have deleted your Facebook account, but actually it’s not really deleted yet, because Facebook will give you 14 days period before your account it’s officially deleted by them, in case you will change your mind of course.

So if you change your mind and want your account back, just log-in to your account before 14 days and you will get your account back. But after 14 days it will be gone!

Please note; deleting your account means you will lose your Facebook badge, Facebook pretty url friendly, Facebook like and other facilities you currently have! Are you ready for the consequences?
That’s how do I delete my Facebook account :D

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