Friday, October 17, 2014

Build 3 Level Blogs To Get Powerful Blogs

Blog Level
The more web sites, blogs etc. you got, the better your chances of linking. Let’s say you have a decent site and a good blog, now you can get two links from the same directory you are submitting to.

This way you have more leverage, furthermore you can link to yourself as well. Please note that Google shouldn’t be aware of the fact that you are linking to your own sites if you don’t want to lose link power.

If Google knows that your sites are related, your links will count less. Therefore you shouldn’t use Adsense on all of your sites. Google can see your Adsense ID and therefore they’ll know who owns the site. Try to separate your sites into 3 categories (if your sites apply for them)

  • Bronze → Very low quality, slightly spammy, spun articles, PLR content.
  • Silver → good quality content, containing secondary affiliate programs, secondary revenue streams.
  • Gold → High quality content, supreme quality site, your main money making sites.
Now this is how you can build your network of links.

  • Your bronze sites can link to your other bronze sites, they can also link to your silver sites and gold sites.
  • Your silver sites can link to other silver sites and they can link to your gold sites as well.
  • Your gold sites can link to your other gold sites.
Never link downwards from your gold/silver sites to your bronze sites. Always link “up” in the ranking. Bronze to Bronze/Silver/Gold, Silver to Silver/Gold and Gold to Gold.

Building our network we want to use third party hosted sites like Blogger (Blogspot) Squidoo, Hub pages and I consider them silver sites, that’s why we want to build good links to those pages.

We want to use these silver sites to point/link to our gold sites, which we host ourselves. That’s how you start building a network using your own sites and sites like Squidoo.

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