Thursday, October 16, 2014

How To Be A Successful Blogger And Dominate Google

How to be a Successful Blogger And Dominate Google?

To be a successful blogger, is not really hard if you have known all the requirements to compete with other blogs. And I will share information from my almost 5 years to be a blogger. I hope you will get fruitful idea and thoughts from what I have written in this post.
Successful BloggerWhen you talk about a successful blog, it means that people — I mean your readers and loyal visitors — love you and your blog. If that so, everything will be a lot easy. Whatever you say, people would trust you and whatever you sell, people would buy. Because they believe you.
Now the problem is, before talking about readers let alone the loyal ones, your blog must be found first by them. There are several ways to make your blog found by your audience. Through Search Engines and social medias.
We all know the biggest traffic a blog gets is through search engine, like Google. Google is the biggest traffic deliverer to our blog. Therefore making our blog to be a Search Engine friendly blog is a must.
We have to make Google and other search engine bots understand quickly toward our blog structure, so they will not find any difficulty when indexing our blog.
Google and other giant search engines love a blog that has:
  1. Well-structured, well-coded, well-optimized and users friendly.
  2. Well-written content.
  3. Fast loading.

How to make Google and other search engines love our blog

Remember the following services or products I recommend below are not free, they are premium products. So let’s get started and read them one by one.

SEO Optimize And Well-Coded Themes

1. It is highly recommended that your WordPress theme is well-structured, well-coded, user friendly and SEO-optimized blog. They are many such themes on the internet — both free and premium themes — in this page I will not share them all, only the themes I have used and feeling satisfied. They are Genesis and Thesis framework themes.

Genesis Framework Theme

Genesis FrameWork Theme
Genesis framework theme, is the reputable WordPress theme. Many top bloggers use the theme, not because a mere trend it is because they know this theme is providing the best features and well-coded. You can read their reviews on the net if you don’t trust me. You can visit Genesis framework theme official site from this link (affiliate link).
And the good thing about Genesis is it has dozens of Child themes — free or premium child themes — to see all the premium child themes, you can visit this link or visit my complete collection of Genesis child themes.

Thesis Framework Theme

Thesis Framework Theme
Thesis theme is the second best if you are looking for the SEO-optimize and well-coded theme. Using Thesis you will help search engines to index your internal blog easily. I recommend this theme. Interested with Thesis? You can visit the official site to buy it. (My affiliate link)

Makes Your Content SEO friendly

Scribe SEO
After your WordPress theme is SEO-optimized, the next aspect you should consider is optimizing your content to make your readers and Google love it. As the result, your content will be ranked as high as possible. To do so, Scribe SEO will help you, by choosing the right keyword, compelling the keywords and adding incoming links to add more quality to your content.
Scribe SEO is a WordPress plugin that will guide you to make the most SEO content possible directly inside WordPress interface. Once you have installed the plugin, it will help you in analyzing keywords and tell you how many backlinks the content needs in order to dominate Google search result page — also searching internal links from other post of yours that are relevant to your unpublished post.
So dominate Google and make your readers understand quickly your content is all about, and love it. Visit Scribe SEO official website here. (Affiliate link)

Solid Web Hosting

Solid Web Hosting Hostgator Hosting
Never underestimate the power of solid web hosting for your SEO campaign, remember several aspects among many other aspects Google use to rank website is how fast your website loads and it’s stability. If you use a bad web hosting company to store your website, there is a chance you will get a disappointing performance of your blog.
Therefore many SEO experts place “solid web hosting” aspect to their customers. And base from my experiences using web hosting companies, Hostgator is the best among the best. My websites load so fast — just like the blog you are reading now — and never experience down time.
Recommending Hostgator is very acceptable and smart recommendation, by which I recommend you Hostgator as web host to stores your precious blog.
And after you have met all the aspects written above, you can continue picking the niche you are good with. And learn how to write the perfect and informative content for your readers. And I hope you all the best and remember one thing, being a successful blogger is not that hard.

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