Thursday, October 16, 2014

Genesis FrameWork Review, The Secure and Search Engine Optimized Theme

You might have heard the latest StudioPress theme framework, Genesis since its first release back in the mid of 2010. The Genesis theme is advertised as the incredibly SEO -optimized theme, I gave it a try and hit the buy button. And I am satisfied with its performance till now, yes the theme is really helping my blog’s position in Google result page for several competitive keywords.

It’s not a hype if saying that installing Genesis to our blog means we have assisted Google and other giant search engines to easily and clearly see our site, including its code and design structure, thus as the result they rank our site to its place it should be.

Beside the SEO aspect, the theme also comes with security guaranty claim to reduce your worry of the outside attackers. To make sure the Genesis is qualified from WordPress security standpoint, the StudioPress personally contacted Mark Jaquith, a leading WordPress security consultant and developer to review and audit Genesis, here is what he says about Genesis FrameWork theme;

Mark Jaquith WordPress Security Consultant And Developer Says About Genesis Theme
The StudioPress is doing everything it takes to ensure the Genesis as secure as possible, and so far they are doing pretty well.

Another things worth mentioning we get for purchasing the Genesis is “there is no developer option”, which means there is no limit to install the theme to how many domain you have. Also unlimited support from StudioPress in case you find something needs to be discussed, unlimited updates too and it can easily be done by simply hitting the “updates” button within your WP dashboard – your version will be upgraded to the newer version.

Genesis Framework Theme


Genesis framework is also very customizable – like Thesis Theme – but it’s not easy if you don’t know about coding. But helps are easily be found from StudioPress support forums.

Suppose you are interested and have decided, this is the WordPress theme I wanted to my precious blog, then purchase the theme is what you must do now.

You can buy Genesis theme via StudioPress site directly or if my article here has helped you to make purchase decision, then please use my affiliate link below for me to get commission from your purchase;

Buy Genesis Theme Framework

This Genesis framework theme will ease your path to be a successful blogger and dominate Google. That's all my review of Genesis framework theme. What do you think guys?

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