Monday, October 6, 2014

How To Embed Facebook Status On Blog Posts

Now you can embed Facebook status / post that are publicly published by your friends or anyone listed as your Facebook's friends on blog post. The embed code can further be copied then pasted to any media like Blog or Website. So your readers can see the updates plus with all the comments and like flowing on the status.

Facebook is getting social with this feature to reach as many people as it can and to get the bigger exposure as possible.

So if you find any interesting status / posts in Facebook that you would like to share on your blog then simply use the Embed Post feature that can be found in right side of the user name. Like in this picture.
How To Embed Facebook Status On Blog Posts
Once you click the Embed Post then you will find a popup windows containing the embed code, in here you can set the size of the post. All it's explained clearly. Thus you will find it very easy.

The feature is not only limited to posts or status that containing texts, the embedded code will also bring you picture or videos as long as the users set their post "Public".

You can try yourself. And now and forward the Facebook posts can flow on our blog / website post.

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