Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rightest Way To Find Most Searched Keywords In Google

Keyword Research
Choosing right keywords is very important. Because if you choose wrong keywords then don't blame anyone if your blog seems like a cemetery. That means you will get very less blog traffic.

So to avoid that, in this post I would like to share a little tips on how to make keyword research or targeting the right keywords that hopefully could help you find the keywords to be targeted.

Actually in internet there are many methods to find most searched keywords. The most popular one is using Google Adwords; Keyword Planner.

But if I can be honest the Google Adwords; Keyword Planner is not really an aptly solution to search keyword. Why? Because of the following two reasons;

  • Keywords from Google Adwords are limited.
  • Already used by many people / bloggers.
In this post I won't use Keyword Planner to find the most searched keywords, instead I use the feature just to see the searches amounts of each keywords and the competitions.

Are you curious? Then continue reading this post.

How to make a keyword research or find the most searched keywords in Google

Following you will find the rightest way to perform keyword research to find the most searched keywords in Google, you will end up getting huge traffic flowing to your blog like rains.

But of course high traffics don't come easily, there is a tight competitions you must win for the keywords that popularly and most searched by people.

We will be using a handy tool namely Ubersuggest. This tool will present keywords related to topic we search but with more various results compared with Google Adwords: Keyword Planner.

Once we got the keywords from the tool, we will then use Google Adwords: Keyword Planner to check how many searches people did on that keywords and how tight the competition is.

Steps to use

1. Open this url; ke

2. You will find an interface where you are required to fill a keyword and select the country and type of content. Like this.

3. For example, if you want to target the Android, then fill the blank form with Android.
4. And if you want to target visitors from US, then set it English US. So the tool will give all the keywords from the country using English.
5. Enter the CAPTCHA and then hit the Suggest button.
6. Now you will be presented with list of keywords suggestions based on main keyword you typed which is Android.
7. Now hit the Select All Keywords.
8. Now click on Get.

9. Now copy all the keywords, then paste them all to notepad or any other similar app, save it using file.txt name.

10. Now login to Google Adwords: Keyword Planner

  • Click "Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords"
  • Upload the keyword file you previously saved, the file.txt.
  • Now click Get estimates

11. Click "Download".
Cari Keyword
Tips before you hit the download, you can change the "Match types" "Exact Match" to get the more accurate data.

12. Select the .CSV format file then click Download

Download Keyword

13. Open the CSV file, now you can select which keywords get the most search amounts and the competitions from the list.
Kata Kunci Mantab

Easy, wasn't it? Of course.

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