Thursday, October 16, 2014

Parse Your HTML Code First Before Posting Tutorials

I would like to share a parse html services that are available in the internet, my purpose of sharing this information is for WordPress or Blogspot bloggers that LOVE to share tutorials and how to guide related posts which involving to post HTML and PHP codes.

But unfortunately not all them realize that the codes must firstly be parsed before they are published!

Parse Your HTML Code First Before Posting Tutorials
I know your intention for providing the tutorials to help others fellow bloggers online is sincere.

However, make sure you have set everything accordingly before presenting to your readers. Undefined codes you published is not going to give any help, let alone useful.

If your readers use your codes and past them to their themes or templates, then the sky will fall down on their heads. And you are the culprit of the turmoil.

For example do not use this ” but this ". Of course you don’t need to manually parse your code one by one, simply go to BlogCrowds and parse your codes there.

Or to be simpler just install Wp SyntaxHighlighter plugins if you are using a Wordpress based blog, In that post I have listed 5 most used plugins to syntax-highlighted codes (HTML, PHP, etc).

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