Thursday, October 16, 2014

WordPress Plugin: How To Display Ads On Old Posts Only And Set It Position

Don’t want the ads like Adsense appear on the freshly published post? Then you can set the Adsense only appears on the old post. To do so you can use a WordPress plugin namely Ad Injection.

With Ad Injection you are not just be able to display Adsense on old post or page, you can even set to into existing content of your post, control the number of ads based on the length of your post, and limit who are able to view your Adsense, IP address and visitors referrer.

And Ad Injection supports not only Adsense but also other advertising market like Amazon Associates, Clickbank and TradeDoubler. And the position of the ad can be configured whether you want to the ad appears on the top or buttom of your post or in sidebar / widget area.

Ad Injection Plugin
Interested? You can download Ad Injection plugin here and install it.

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