Thursday, October 16, 2014

Wordpress Plugins To Encourage Readers To Comment

Many of us still have a wish to have many comments in each of our post, but in the same time, we don’t always get big number of comments as we wish.

People will drop comments according their mood or have a feeling that post they read must be commented but that’s not always happening, unless we comment them back or comment them first, so there’s reciprocal activity here.

Some people even think that blog that don’t get many comments from their readers look like a dead blogs, and give a negative impression that the blog is not too authority.

Although a blog that have many many comments doesn’t mean the blog is a high quality blog. But that’s a premise of some people.

However there’s a formula that could attract our readers to drop comments, like Wordpress comments plugins, these plugins would provoke your readers or visitors to give comments to any of your post.

1. Dofollow Plugin, by removing nofollow tag inside your comment page you have given your readers a reason to drop you a comments, and this Dofollow plugin would also increase number of spam comments to your blog.

2. Commentluv Plugin, this plugin will put commenter’s last post inside their comment. With CommentLuv, we are able to do it automatically! This is an excellent way to promote comments from your readers.

3. Top Commentators Widget, another way to attract more comments from readers is by installing The Top Commentators Widget, a sidebar widget to show the top commentators in your WP site.

4. Thread comment plugin, This Plugin is an enhancement for Wordpress’s comment function. It enables users to reply on a exist comment, and the discussion will be displayed threaded or nested. By this plugin our readers will be provoked to make long discussion, make sure to set 100 nest in the option, so the discussion could go on.

5. WP Comment Auto Responder It’s a further formula to encourage commenter to keep coming to our site after dropping a comment. The plugin will immediately send them soon after they make a comment to thank them or whatever you create in the setting options. And you could also invite them to continue the discussion.

After uncovering required plugins to attract readers to drop comments, you can also take some action like responding every comment or question of your readers.

Engaging with your readers will create tight relationship with your readers. Hope this post helps and see you in the next posts of Blog Tips Arena.

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