Sunday, February 22, 2015

How To Activate Dynamic Meta Description In Blogspot Like Wordpress

There was a time when we were expecting there is so called a dynamic meta description for each post in Blogspot.

Just like what WP plugin namely All In One SEO Pack gives to the Wordpress based blog. We wished Blogspot could do that ability.

Fortunately our wish is granted, Blogger recent update has added such ability. We can now write our own meta description for each post we publish.

This will ease Google identify our page. Now the result we will reap is, a better ranking in Google SERP. Yes, I know meta description is no longer a significant aspect as it's used to.

But still Google uses that area among of other aspects to rank pages, but of course its role is less significant now.

I opted this feature, now each post of this blog has its own description. If you like this feature installed to your Blogspot blog, you need to firstly enable it then write your blog's description.

Now simply head to Settings >>> Search Preferences >>> Edit, write the description for your home page.

Enable Meta Description In Blogspot

Once you've finished with the above step, each time you write a post, then see the right-side of the screen. You will see Search Description option, click on it then write the description for your unpublished post. See this picture.

Write Blogspot Description

After your post is published. See the view source of the post and find the meta description tag, you will notice your written meta description appears there.

I must salute Blogger team for their wonderful jobs in making Blogspot to keep up with the current demands of blogging CMS must have.

Another Blogspot's update you should learn to is.

Hope you'll find this post useful.

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