Sunday, February 22, 2015

Optimize Blogspot URL Permalink To Be More SE Friendly

One of the shortcomings Blogger or Blogspot suffers when it comes to SEO is the permalink. This area is decided automatically by Blogger each time we publish an article.

Albeit permalink doesn't play a very significant role in SEO, but having this element optimized will be helping our blog's ranking too. Yes there are number of other factors Google uses to ranking a blog, and SEO permalink could be one of them. I am not sure the size portion. Of course you'd agree with me having all area optimized is better for SEO like writing more SEO friendly description for our Blogspot.

Beside, isn't that better having all the words included in URL to clearer our point? Rather than exclude some words that supposed to be helping Google identify our posts better.

Sometimes we post a lengthy title containing about 5 or 7 words or more, but not all the words are included in the permalink. For example.

I Love To Wake Up In The Morning And Then Take A Cup Of Coffee.
The permalink would be.
And the rest of the words in our title are excluded, the permalink doesn't include the and take a cup of coffee line. That seems like hiding something. Right?

But that is the old days, now Blogger has added a new feature to deal with the situation with the feature named Custom Permalink.

Custom permalink is very handy feature, albeit it's not an automatic feature that will show all the words in our post title. However with that feature you can write your own permalink without words limitations. Isn't that wonderful?

Anyway you can find this feature while writing a post, point your eyes to the right-side of the screen, this is its place. Write all the words that you need Google to discover in your permalink so your post will explain itself clearer than before.
Blogger Custom Permalink
You are free to write your own permalink there and include all the words you regard important!

Hope this post useful you. Now each time you write a blog post, take sometime to write your own version of permalink to be more search engine friendly and help Google recognize your post better than before. Hopefully your posts will rank better and better in Google search result page.

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