Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How To Remove Edit Link On Blogger Widget

How to remove edit link on Blogger widget, If previously I shared about how to add edit link on post or widget, now I post a contrary topic which is on how to remove edit link on widget or post. Usually edit link on Blogspot is presented pencil, pliers and screwdriver.

And the benefits of that feature is to give us a quick access on editing our widget or post. Albeit the feature is useful. But not all the Blogger's users want it. Therefore, I decide to share the how to guides on removing edit link on Blogspot's widget.

Actually the edit link is only seen or can be used by the blog's owner, people that are not the owner will not be able to use it. And Blogger team provides this feature to help us modifying our blog's look easily and quickly.

Here is the example of edit link wrapped in the pliers or screwdriver icon.
So let's do it guys.

How to remove edit link on Blogger Blogspot.

  1. Login to Blogger.com.
  2. Now go to Template -> Edit HTML.
  3. Now find this code.
    <b:include name='quickedit'/>
  4. Erase it. And remember that code is not only one. But many. So erase all of them
  5. Done and save your template.
You can now see your blog and find out, now the screwdriver or pliers is no longer there, congratulation.

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