Sunday, February 22, 2015

Install Sexy Bookmarks Widget On Blogspot

Sharing is caring, do you agree with that phrase? Sure, you do. Therefore in this opportunity I would like to share to you a tutorial, a good one tutorial that is related to that phrase.

What I mean sharing is caring is you can now place SexyBookmarks widget based on the DamnSexyBookmarks Wordpress plugin on your Blogspot based blog.

This widget deserves to be shared so Blogspot's community will notice about its existence and they are invited to add it to their blog, if they want to.

We know the point of having this feature on blog, with it our visitors can easily share our post to the social bookmarking sites simply by clicking on the buttons. As the result our post will be widely shared and spread.

Some guy, named Naeem Noor Belushi has elaborated the steps to install the widget, thus I don't see any reason to re-post it here. Instead, I direct you to the original post containing the tutorial.


If you want the SexyBookmarks widget like the above image appears on each of your post. Then visit Naeem's post written on its blog CSSReflex here. And then enjoy your stay there.

The purpose of this widget is of obvious for sharing your blog and its posts to the social networking or medias sites provided in this widget. So whenever your posts found by those social media sites users and they regard your posts are interesting then they will share the posts using this Sexy Bookmarks widget. And as the result your posts will be exposed to their friends and get visitors later from people in those sites. That's the main idea guys.

Hope you will find this post useful and see you again in the next posts.

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