Friday, October 17, 2014

2 Simple Answers To Increase Traffic To A Blog

Increase Blog Traffic
I am frequently asked by my friends in BBM or Whatsapp about how to generate and increase high traffic to a blog, this is a general question for any bloggers.

To tell you the truth you have known the answer, but it’s probably you have not practiced it quite serious.

Getting traffic to blog is of course tightly related to make our visitors happy. When you have number of happy visitors, your eyes will see the rate of your blog's bounce will decrease (the smaller the bounce the better).

Less bounce rate means your readers spend more time in your blog, the time they take while staying on our blog depends how many words they read. The more words they read will keep them longer on your blog, if that happens your bounce rate will decrease.

And Google monitors our visitors activities, and will decide your blog's relevancy with keywords your visitors's search on Google. If your visitors stay long, Google will think your content is indeed relevant with the keywords.

So in the future, if someone else search for the same keywords, your blog will be on the first list to be shown on Google SERP.

And how to achieve that and how to make our visitors happy? That's of course related on two (in my humble opinion) which are how we maintain our blog and our style of writing. Yes I believe our writing style can be a factor on helping our position on Google search engine result.

Writing Sylte Blog

So what's the writing style I am talking about?

Perhaps you are asking the question, the meaning our style of writing is simply to write as clear as possible to make our reader easily understand with the point we are trying to deliver.

To create that kind of joyful condition, you should overcome the material you are bringing on your post.

That will of course ease your job to write and accommodate your readers to catch the points.

People use to say to write a quality content, I agree with that, quality content means to motivate us to really write a content seriously, not just blazing words then publish just to keep update.

You are a blogger, you should help your readers find solutions, your articles should be their helper and solutions.

Try to read your published posts, then ask a question to yourself afterward; will I be helped with this article? Your answer should be honest, place yourself in your readers's shoes. If your answer No, this won't help, or less helping, then find the areas on your post that need to be improved.

A tip from me; try to find other blog that shares the same topic; read the entire post. And compare the post with your post. See which one is help more, and which one is less helping. Try to see what makes other's blog post is better than yours.

How we maintain our blog.

Maintain Blog Regularly

This section is of course related to keep keep updating your blog regularly and doing an ethical promotion. Google does like a blog that's live, not a dead blog, with rarely maintained.

Well if you are expecting visitors with only two or three posts only, then you are expecting a sun will rise in west.

If you don’t take your blog life seriously, you won’t get amount of traffic you wish, trust me on that. Just do everything consistently now. You’ll be surprised for future outcome.:D

So as a summary...

Update your blog continually with your with fresh contents, an educative, an informative and an entertaining content are the most wanted by readers, they will look forward hungrily for the next update if they found your blog meet their like and of course Google love it too.

That means update your blog with your writing style, the style that with one purpose only which is make your readers easily understand the points with complete, clear and correct information.

Don't forget to also see the most searched keywords in Google post, there you will find the topics people frequently search in Google reported monthly.

You will be told how many searches people do for certain keywords monthly and the competitions. From that report you can start posting articles related to the most searched keywords.

Promote your blog, you can do it aggressively or gradually depends on your method. But I suggest do it cleverly by following an ethical techniques to protect your site being banned by search engines.

You can use the available promoting services like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. Also you can submit to the big social bookmarking sites.

Of course there is a plenty of roads on this issue. Take the ones that widely trusted to generate traffic for you.

That’s the whole point, the rest relies on you! That's 2 simple answer to increase traffic to your blog. And see you in the next post.

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